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YoY® Solutions and Applications

Our unique Technology:
YoY® extended Supply Chain Planning System



For each goal, task, or challenge YoY® provides a solution or application - easy to implement, easy to deploy, usable independently


YoY® extended Supply Chain Planning – end 2 end – can be enhanced to a fully integrated system


YoY® solutions and applications have been used for more than a decade by companies of any size. From smallholders somewhere in the world to international enterprises


Some of the applications can rely on legacy of more than 25 years. A strong and agile R&D roadmap ensures coverage of future requirements

Global Megatrends that drive us and the Demand for our Solution

ESG/CSR Environmental Social Governance

There is growing evidence that a reputation for value-based services and products is key for corporate strategies, that are important to any of their stakeholders,

According to a survey from IPSOS conducted in late 2019, around 69 percent of consumers worldwide have changed the products and services they use due

German supply chain due diligence act, Non-financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) Directive 2014/95/EU, Timber Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 are some of the legislation in force today.

Exogen risks arise from interactions between the supply chain and its environment. External factors such as global warming, pandemics, or politics drive these risks exponentially.

YoY® - The One-Stop-Shop for the value-based Supply Chain of the Future


Since the inception of the Enterprise Resource Planning concept (ERP) by SAP some 5 decades ago, ERP systems have been the tool of choice when

Digitalizing a Supply Chains to turn it into an end2end tracked Value Supply Chain is a journey! Compare it to the concept
SCaaS Supply Chain as a Service

The value-based supply chain of the Future as a journey requires resources of many skills in different destinations. YoY®-SCaaS Supply Chain as a Service is

Skills and Centers-of-Excellence

Home of YoY Munsbach Luxembourg

A truly international team of software developers in the middle of Europe creates high-tech solutions “Made in Luxembourg”. Experience of more than 25 years guarantees
Home of YoY Bozen

In a stimulating surrounding for companies, institutions and the university to collaborate on research and development projects, our experts in Product Management, Product Development and