YoY®: The modular enterprise solution for the product2consumer process


YoY® technology addresses the two most important aspects of a company, namely the value-adding product and secondly the end consumer or end user, and combines them in what is arguably the company's most important process: product2consumer.

YoY® makes use of the latest digital technologies and opens up unprecedented optimization potential both along the extended value chain and in marketing..

Interne und externe Lieferketten-Transparenz

Internal & external supply chain transparency

Internal and external transparency of the extended value chain is the basis for secure processes and trust of end consumers or end users

  • Basis for process optimization and digitalization in the extended value chain
  • CSR compliance in the value chain; real-time eco-balancing, certificate management
  • Benefit Value Tracking - enhancement of products through ethical values
  • Protection against counterfeiting and plagiarism
  • Cross-divisional workflow management for value chain documentation
  • Product safety and recall management
Digital TouchPoint Konsument und Endanwender

Digital TouchPoint - Consumer & End User

Digital TouchPoint as a standalone digital marketing channel that is indispensable in harmony with the other channels:

  • Efficient marketing channel with superior ROMI that also reaches exclusive target groups.
  • Complementary communication at POS and POC (point-of-consumption): dynamic, personalized and absolutely indispensable
  • Enhanced user experience, end-to-end customer engagement
  • Valuable user information and insights for a targeted digital marketing strategy
Digital TouchPoint Shopfloor

Digital TouchPoint Shopfloor - Production and Logistics

  • Elimination of analog TouchPoints in production and logistics
  • Avoidance of media discontinuities, double entries and sources of error
  • Process validation through context-sensitive validation with augmented reality support
  • Integrated data management raises the essential remaining efficiency potentials on the store floor
  • Continuous communication from store floor to shop floor in real time
Big Data product2consumer -Digital Twin

From product model to service model

  • Direct bidirectional communication between manufacturer and user throughout the lifecycle of an industrial product
  • Transformation towards disruptive business models (from product to service)
  • Application and performance analysis of the product based on closed field information
Digital TouchPoint Shopfloor

Big Data product2consumer - Digital Twin

  • The heart of the company: Structured and centralized data stock about the genesis of the value-added product up to its use by the end user or consumer
  • Unique and exclusive data set, individual for each company; Not for all, not for GAFA
  • Data core enables application of artificial intelligence for step-by-step automation and optimization of repetitive tasks
Digitalisierung als Baukastensystem

Digitization strategy as a modular model

  • Digitization of the most important business process - product2consumer - iteratively and modularly
  • Direct operational added value while at the same time paying into the overarching transformation strategy
  • In this way, the organization can gradually learn to apply digital technologies and also grow culturally along with them


YoY®-Building Blocks are the modular function blocks that can be used individually, but can ultimately result in a consistent digital strategy for the product2consumer process..

YoY®-Building Blocks sind die modularen Funktions-Bausteine

Divided into the two areas of the extended value chain -YoY® SupplyChainOX- and the consumer experience area YoY®-BrandUX®.

YoY® BrandUX® - product2consumer Marketing Channel and Digital TouchPoint

YoY® BrandUX®, composed of all important company applications, the YoY® Building Blocks, represents probably the most powerful digital marketing channel. How different than through a product2consumer process can the consumer and end user of a product, be it a consumer product, be industrial product can be achieved directly and more immediately?

The Digital Consumer TouchPoint.

YoY® BrandUX® Building Blocks are individual tools that can gradually be combined to form a completely new type of digital marketing channel:




The digital TouchPoint reaches consumers and end users directly

YoY®-Digital Identity


YoY®-Digital Identity

Protect valuable brands and products against fraud and plagiarism, give the consumer security!

YoY®-Info Track


YoY®-Info Track

Das Track & Trace Info-Widget for Consumer and Quality-Assurance

YoY®-Augmented Reality


YoY®-Augmented Reality

Increase the user value of industrial products, boost the brand with brand stories!

YoY®-Analytics Customer Journey Dashboard


YoY®-Analytics Customer Journey Dashboard

Analytics Tool for the product2consumer Marketing-Channel!

YoY®-Digital Consumer TouchPoint CMS


YoY®-Digital Consumer TouchPoint CMS

Das Content Managament Tool for the product2consumer Marketing-Channel and den Digital Consumer TouchPoint!

YoY® SupplyChainOX®

For a long time, companies have concentrated, with great success, on optimizing internal processes. The more global and networked the economy is, the more important it is to consider the extended value chain, where there is, on the one hand, great unused optimization potential and, on the other hand, opportunities for complete business models.

The prerequisite is the creation of internal and external transparency of the extended supply chain. Many new areas of application are based on this. YoY® SupplyChainOX® does exactly that, divided into individual modules, the BuildingBlocks, which can be implemented and used largely independently of each other.

YoY®-Digital Twin - p2c Big Data


YoY®-Digital Twin - p2c Big Data

Track&Trace Big Data repository & Blockchain Integration




Batch Traceability & Production Planning Cockpit SAP PP/PP-PI




Track&Trace Collaboration Tool




Digitalization of analogue TouchPoints on the shop-floor

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