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With YoY®-Digital Food transparency Label & Consumer Touchpoint, we establish a new dimension on how brand-owners in F&B-industry and retail can market their products and build stronger brands. Around a farm2fork traceability core, YoY® draws a Digital Twin of the entire genesis of a food product, thus engaging with the consumer at the most important touchpoints of the customer journey. YoY® builds on technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and AI.

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Engage with your customer at the utmost important touchpoints of the customer Journey
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Conversion & Advocacy

Studies say, most people check their phones more than 150 times a day a total of 177 minutes, 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. The digital key to be closer to your consumers is to go where they are anyway. Moment of truth is the point of purchase and at the point of consumption, consumers become advocates und build brand-loyalty.

Transparency & Trust

Consumers demand values such as trust, transparency, food safety & animal welfare, when they decide for a brand. Presenting a chain of custody on each production lot conveys these values. Combined with strategies for improved user experience, customer engagement and consumer intelligence, this digital consumer touchpoints builds the core of a digital marketing strategy.

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Strategy: Business Technology Consulting

Smart Goods strategies are substantial part of the enterprise overall strategy, and they touch both, top-line and bottom-line of your P&L. Our experts are of help, when it comes to bring business and digital technologies in line.

ERP Integration: Consulting & Development
Digital Marketing: Consulting & Integrations
POS-App: Custom Application Development

Build and own your Solution -
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With the YoY®-Platform, you have a choice of different versions and solution elements. Easy to find the right elements that suite your needs today and in future. Your brand will be the solution owner, you drive the business. A solution, that is open to any challenge in the market that might come.
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