Digitalizing a Supply Chains to turn it into an end2end tracked Value Supply Chain is a journey!

Compare it to the concept of implementing an ERP-system: Once a company decides to work on end-to-end processes along the entire supply chain in a holistic approach, it is key to success to follow a defined strategy how to get there. Many different approaches are possible, from iteratively add one application after the other to resolve one issue after the other to something like a greenfield-approach, where a fully integrated eSCP-system with a defined initial scope will go live on set target-date. Everything in between can be an option as well.

Our consulting and implementation approach, combined with the experience of almost 3 decades and based on our fully integrated YoY® eSCP-SaaS-enterprise technology supports any of these concepts.

Expertise & Resources within the YoY® Eco-System

An eSCP implementation project may require a wide area of expertise as well as human resources. It is our goal to complement available client resources to extend that is necessary to deliver a turnkey project. Among the resources needed one may find:

  • eSCP-consultant
  • eSCP-developer (API)
  • Supply chain analyst
  • ERP-consultant (SAP)
  • ERP-developer
  • Full stack developer
  • Digital marketing expert
  • Strategy and business technology consulting

To serve our fast growing base of customers with the best expertise possible and the resources needed, we build on a reputable eco-system partner network.