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Start basic, grow big at your Speed and Capabilities, develop Industry leading Sophistication

Transparency Basic

YoY®-Transparency Basic Edition

Could be the right One to start with

Nowadays, a basic level of transparency can be seen as a hygienic factor in any consumer goods-brand strategy. To quickly cope with these market requirements and to find access to the subject, this could be the right solution level start with.

Static Serialization, no need for Back-end Integration

This is a low cost, little effort option. In order to get this level up and running, static serialization (barcode or static QR-code) can be used and no back end integration is needed. It secures basic transparency for the consumer, builds trust and is a foundation for customer engagement and improved user experience.

YoY®-Digital Consumer-Goods-Transparency-Label & Consumer Touch-Point

Fetch, engage and inspire your consumers where they are anyway!

This might be the most sophisticated kind of Digital Marketing Tool for consumer goods one can find on the market.

Create your meaningful Digital TouchPoint

Find your consumers where they are, at their smart phone. But not only sometime, no! Engage, inspire and build trust at the most important touchpoints of your customers journeys. Use this touchpoint as the nucleus of your digital marketing initiatives!

Where and when else?

Our Purpose
Our Purpose

YoY®-Future Planet Edition

Not only defend, boost the Reputation of your Consumer Goods Company

It is not the question whether or not, it is a question of sooner or later: Sustainabilty, climate change, animal wellfare and many other values have moved on top of the agenda of the modern consumer.

The reputation of the consumer goods industry is at stake.

A new Class of Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing has been created

Based on our YoY®-technology, production lot related realtime ecobalancing, tracked along the full genealogy of a food product will be possible. Guess what kind of superior communication strategy can build on this.

We deliver strategy and execution.