How can your Consumer Goods Brand exist without a custom designed Digital Consumer TouchPoint?

A team of experienced application developpers, UX-designer and technology experts are here to build the brandUX-app as a digital touchpoint for your product or brand.

Decision at POS

25% of German consumers are Smart Shoppers, 47% decide moments, 26% hours before purchase of groceries.
(Source: *Wikipedia/Allensbach; **MART SHOPPER MARKETING THE DIGITAL KEY TO BE CLOSER TO YOUR CLIENTSS, Dr. Nikos Kotalakidis Bain & Company / Google - 2018 ):

Transparency & Trust

78% of food consumers lean on trust when purchasing food products. Whereas 62% demand transparency, 56% food safety & animal welfare, only 36% believe statis labels.
(Source: sine qua non - meta study 2019 ):

Consumer App

48% of German consumers between 16- and 29 would make use of an app in order to collect information about the product, 17% are already using them.
(Source: Bitcom, Redaktion LZ, 2019)


A widespread array of technologies and application-classes build the foundation for a solution that fits your marketing requirements and engages your client:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Gamification
  • Artificial Intelligence Bots
YoY App User Interface

App-Functions & Features

A holistic user experience arises from a variety of functions & features, so called Digital marketing Assets. DMA´s support each others relevancy. The choice is unlimited:

  • Cross-Selling / Up-Selling
  • Promotion Mechanics
  • Loyalty Programs
  • etc.

Our Services & Resources

You can expect holistic Turn-Key solutions from our team and partner-network

Graphic Design &
& Footage Production

Graphic Design & Footage Production

In case there is a need to complement clients resources, we have a proven partner network in place, as well as inhouse resources.

Back-End ERP- & IT-Integration

Back-End ERP- & IT-Integration

Back-end integration of the existing IT-infrastructure as well as 3rd party applications is a requirement to get the solution up and running.

Concept Development &
Project Management

Concept Development & Project Management

We support our client´s organisation in their effort to develop the right concepts and manage the project.

& Research

Testing, Scouting & Research

This is a key success factor. We complement our clients capabilities with the right resources

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Integration

Only a seamless integration into existing or future Digital Marketing processes and applications secure the full benefit.

UX Design &
& Development

UX Design & Application Development

Software development & UX-design have to go hand in hand.