YoY® Digital Apparel
Consumer TouchPoint

New Dimensions in
Customer Experience,

YoY®-the Digital Label for Fashion-Brands

Digital labels enable direct contact to the end customer, not only create trust and brand loyalty, but also provide real-time information about sales and trends.

Marketing is dead!

Traditional Marketing is dead, Digital Marketing is King. The connected Consumer takes the power and Marketing evolves from being vertical, exclusive, and individual to horizontal, inclusive, and social. Keep track of the 2 most important aspects of your venture: Your value creating product and your customer.

Digitally connect them to each other and find new ways of doing business and gaining a competitive advantage.

This is, how YoY Digital Apparel Transparency Label works

Digital Omni-Channel Marketing

YoY®-Platform represents a full blown digital marketing of its own breed. No other channel is as powerful as this "Digital Twin-contextual Marketing Channel". 

Blockchain Genealogy

Blockchain Genealogy delivered by the YoY®-Platform allows to integrate the entire inbound and outbound value chain. It can seamlessly build on SAP logistics business network if applicable.

Fraud Prevention

Authenticity and proven knowledge about the apparel product builds trust und eventually leads to brand integrity and higher brand awareness. No counterfeit possible.

Supply Chain Management

Operational excellence will be possible by knowing the entire supply chain. Artificial Intelligence algorithms making use of now available scm-big data will drive new insights.

Consumer Intelligence

Data is the new gold in marketing, Consumer Intelligence by YoY® creates very new insights on consumer behavior right on the utmost important touchpoints of the customer journey.

Consumer UX & EX

Nowadays a world class Consumer Experience belongs to any successful offering. YoY®-BrandUX App delivers highest level consumer experience and engagement possible.Learn from your customers in real time what the new fashion trends will be!

Turn your Customer into a brand Ambassador and target Community Influencer

YoY®-BrandUX Apparel App & Digital Marketing Channel
The Intelligent Enterprise

Conversion & Advocacy

Studies say, most people check their phones more than 150 times a day a total of 177 minutes, 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. The digital key to be closer to your consumers is to go where they are anyway. Moment of truth is the point of purchase and at the point of consumption, consumers become advocates und build brand-loyalty.

Transparency & Trust

Consumers demand values such as trust, transparency, fair trade when they decide for a brand. Presenting a chain of custody on each production lot conveys these values. Combined with strategies for improved user experience, customer engagement and consumer intelligence, this digital consumer touchpoints builds the core of a digital marketing strategy.

If You don't want to miss out Megatrends...........

Differentiate, do not missout

Stand out from a puzzling Variety of static Labels

There are at least 30 different labels just as proof of sustainability, not to mention fair trade, animal welfare and so on. This vast variety of labels are confusing to the consumer, thus are weak communication channels. How to stand out?

Connecting your product to your customer creates a unique and the most powerful marketing channel.

Differentiate your Brand & reach out to Generation Z

With YoY®-Digital Transparency Label & Consumer TouchPoint you will have the right means in your hand to convey brand- and product USP, reach out to generation Z and catch mega trends induced by new ethic values.

Individually structured for each product or brand, YoY® will be the differentiator.

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