The Concept of the ERP-Systems has matured

Since the inception of the Enterprise Resource Planning concept (ERP) by SAP some 5 decades ago, ERP systems have been the tool of choice when it comes the optimization of business processes. Lots of effort and money have been meanwhile invested in streamlined processes that have one property in common: They go from gate-to-gate!

Nowadays the challenges have moved dramatically. Major threads, weaknesses as well as opportunities and strengths can be found particularly upstream and downstream of the supply chains.


Blankness turns up

Many companies realize that. Global megatrends such as global warming, stricter and stricter laws, the of consumer demand to value balanced products and services and not least the expectation of any other stakeholders such as employees or capital markets force them to react.

But no appropriate tools are in sight.

The invention of a new enterprise software category: eSCP

Now a whole new bread of enterprise solutions comes into play. The eSCP, the extended Enterprise Planning System.

As a result of more than 10 years of R&D and proof of market fit, YoY® eSCP is here to stay, it is here to become the next category of enterprise solutions.

The eSCP, the extended Enterprise Planning System.