YoY®-CollaborateSC - Track & Trace Collaboration Tool

YoY®-Digital Consumer TouchPoint CMS

What is the challenge?

The core of the challenge arises from the fact that tasks concerning the extended supply chain affect many different areas of a company. Information is created in silos, information is used in silos.

End-to-end supply chain workflows are usually not in place.

Example Recall Management: Data-supported product recalls via app

Product recalls are never good, are they? On the one hand, the identification and localisation of the affected products in the event of a recall is often only possible with a great deal of manual reconstruction effort, thus causing enormous costs, and on the other hand, there is the threat of a great loss of public image.

But what if you could make a virtue out of necessity and even increase your customers' trust in your brand through quick reactions and transparent communication, while significantly reducing the costs of a recall?"

What is special?

YoY®-CollaborateSC is a track & trace collaboration tool that organises the complete workflow for documenting and managing extended supply chains. Information can be collected and used across departments.

Example of individual functions:

  • Recall management
  • Master data collection
  • CSR certificate management
  • ISO certificate management

YoY® Recall-Management with Integration of SAP Material Traceability Blockchain

Compatibility with the YoY®-Plattform

Creating internal and external supply chain transparency requires that supply chains are captured and documented. YoY®-CollaborateSC can be used completely separately from the other YoY®-BuildingBlocks. For example, all first project steps to upgrade the external supply chain.

Full compatibility with the YoY® platform can elevate YoY®-CollaborateSC to a central management solution.

Area Relevance

What relevance does the Building Block Module develop for the individual divisions?

Supply Chain Management
Product Management
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibilty
Quality Management and Assurance
Strategic IT & Digitalisation
Digital Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Production Management
Procurement Management
Corporate-Strategy CEO

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