YoY® Info Track Traceability Widget

YoY® Info Track Rückverfolgbarkeits-Widget

What is the challenge?

Not only since the Fridays for Future movement has it become clear: Adolescent consumer generations are subject to a changed value model. Attributes such as "fair trade", "climate neutrality" and "sustainability" are playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions.

In order to take this into account, companies all over the world are developing CSR measures, which, however, are often not sufficiently perceived or appreciated by customers. Often there is simply a lack of trust in the brand!

What is special?

The Track & Trace info widget for consumer and quality management can be used in all conceivable web interfaces, i.e. on the website or a collaboartion solution for quality managers who want to find out about the origin and composition of a product.

It was originally developed to be used in the YoY® BrandUX®, the Digital Consumer TouchPoint. For example, product marketing can communicate to the end consumer all the valuable steps in the extended supply chain of the product to build trust for the brand and consumer engagement.

Compatibility with the YoY®-Plattform

YoY® Infotrack is a standard module of the YoY® Product2Consumer Digital Marketing Channel & Consumer Touchpoint.

The basic prerequisite for the use of the YoY® Infotrack is the prior setup of the YoY® Digital Twin, as a production-less dataset.

The YoY® Product2Consumer Digital Marketing Channel & Consumer Touchpoint content management system is available to you for designing the (web) app. This also applies to additional functionalities (e.g. loyalty programmes). No coding is necessary.

For analysis purposes, we provide you with our YoY® Analytics Dashboard.

The modules "InfoTrack", "Counterfeit Protection" and "YoY® Augmented Reality Brand Stories" can be integrated into the YoY® Product2Consumer Digital Marketing Channel & Consumer Touchpoint if required.

YoY Infotrack UI

Area Relevance

What relevance does the Building Block Module develop for the individual divisions?
Supply Chain Management
Product Management
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibilty
Quality Management and Assurance
Strategic IT & Digitalisation
Digital Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Production Management
Procurement Management
Corporate-Strategy CEO
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