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What is the challenge?

Companies keep databases on almost all aspects, but always from the perspective of the respective departments and requirements. This necessarily leads to silo-like structures and redundancies. As a result, there is no structured data stock on the two most important aspects, namely the value-creating product and the end-user or end-consumer. This means that the actual core process of the company, namely product2consumer, cannot be adequately supported.

The demand for increased transparency also with regard to the extended supply chain leads to the fact that many supplier companies and many sales organisations want to establish supply chain transparency via one or more blockchain platforms. Each of these blockchain platforms has to be connected and integrated in a complex way. Data sovereignty is distributed.

SaaS Enterprise Solution it fully integrates into Solution-Owners IT-Landscape

What is special?

YoY®-Digital Twin - p2c Big Data offers the possibility to collect the most valuable data a company can collect in a structured way in its own database solution, the so-called private distributed ledger. The company gains control over its product2consumer process: What is the genesis of the value-creating product and what is the market experience on the customer side?

It is therefore a complete track & trace solution for the extended supply chain, which can be led all the way to the customer-side use of the product.

The blockchain bridges enable the bidirectional integration of external track & trace platforms while retaining their own data sovereignty.

Compatibility with the YoY®-Plattform

Probably the most important process of a company, namely product2consumer, contains the actual business know-how. As a result, the Digital Twin is the structured data stock for this.


Further YoY®-BuildingBlocks, which can be put together in a modular way, either build on this and provide further benefits, or serve to fill this database in a structured way. The Digital Twin is therefore the core of the YoY® platform.

smart product2consumer Automation Platform

Area Relevance

What relevance does the Building Block Module develop for the individual divisions?

Supply Chain Management
Product Management
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibilty
Quality Management and Assurance
Strategic IT & Digitalisation
Digital Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Production Management
Procurement Management
Corporate-Strategy CEO

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