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SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

YoY® awarded as worldwide Intelligent Enterprise Package - SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

YoY has recently received an award, which is highly relevant for the young corporation. The digital platform for food transparency is one of the first “Intelligent Enterprise Packages” in the world, a distinction conferred by SAP SE. YoY is officially labeled as an SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution.

Ever since the acquisition of Qualitrics for eight billion dollars, SAP SE has pointed out, that they want to strike new paths. The strategy of the software-enterprise has significantly changed during the last years. By different acquisitions and future-oriented decisions, the global leader for ERP-systems has opened up a new vain. Beside data, gained from company processes (Operational Data, short: O-Data), the enterprise from Walldorf will prospectively focus on customer experience (experience data, short: X-Data).

The plan of SAP is to combine Operational Management and Experience Management in order to benefit from great advantages.

And this is, what YoY is doing: As an interface between O-Data and X-Data, the digital platform for food transparency commands all the information of the production process and provides them to the consumer. YoY is close to the customer at both, the Point-of-Sale and the Point-of-Consumption and uses this advantage to generate important information, for example via surveys.

Corporations, using YoY and SAP do not only know, what is happening in their companies, they can also understand why: Insights in the customer experience are of great importance for the future success of every company.

YoY is an important part of the perceived customer experience and also raises it to the next level.

SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

That YoY successfully treads the new path is shown by the current decision of SAP, which is accepted with pleasure by the executives of the corporation: YoY has been awarded as one of the first Intelligent Enterprise Packages and is therefore officially listed as “SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution”. This title is used by SAP to award solutions, that show an End-to-End scenario, so solutions for the entire process in the corporation.