This is a Digital Twin of a food product

Why draw a Digital Twin?

Enterprises capture data about almost everything, resources, logistics, financials! …what about the most important thing a company has:

Their Product!
YoY®-Digital Twin - Essential Core of many Applications

YoY®-Digital Twin - Essential Core of many Applications, not only for YoY®-BrandUX

YoY®-Digital Twin Back-end Features

On its own, YoY®-Digital Twin delivers many functions and features, that help to manage the whole genesis of a food product. Since it stores the full genealogy and all captrued data from any sources, full digital picture is drawn from single product produced, delivered and consumed. Whereas YoY®-BrandUX is fed by the Digital Twin, generic other features such as alert to action or recall track serve operational requirements.

YoY®-Digital Twin Integrations

By using open standards, YoY®-Digital Twin is open for integrations to state of the art LOB-applications in order to serve even more purposes. Blockchain bridges deliver connectivity to any other existing platform on the market, thus avoiding redundant efforts and costs.

Quality Assurance

Product Development

Recall Management

Digital Twin YoY

External Stock-Management

Food Fraud

Food Safety

Web Analytics