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YoY® chosen as finalist of Luxembourg Cloud Awards

YoY®, the food-transparency platform has been chosen as a finalist of the Luxemburg Cloud Awards 2019. The winner will be announced on May 16that a gala event.

It is already a reason to celebrate: Our platform YoY® has been selected as one of three finalists in the category “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year”.

In this competition, we were able to prevail against heavy competition. Well-known companies, such as “Post Luxembourg” entered the final with their projects, as well.

At the gala event on May 16th, the concept of YoY® will be presented in a short film, which has already been partially shot last week.

The Luxembourg Cloud Awards are awarded by the Cloud Company Europe – Luxembourg. The award consists of two categories: “Cloud Innovation Project of the year” and “Cloud Tech Innovator of the year”.

YoY®, die Lebensmittel-Transparenzplattform, wurde als Finalist bei den Luxemburg Cloud Awards 2019 ausgewählt. Bei einer Gala am 16. Mai wird der Gewinner gekürt.

Es ist schon jetzt ein Grund zu feiern: In der Kategorie „Cloud Innovation Project of the Year“ wurde unsere Plattform YoY ® als einer von drei Finalisten ausgewählt.

Die Konkurrenz war groß, so haben auch ganz namhafte Unternehmen wie die luxemburgische Post mit ihren Projekten den Weg ins Finale gefunden.

Bei der Gala, die am kommenden 16. Mai stattfinden wird, wird YoY® in einem Kurzfilm vorgestellt, für den wir in der letzten Woche bereits einige Aufnahmen drehen durften.

Die Luxemburg Cloud Awards werden von der Cloud Community Europe – Luxemburg vergeben. Dabei gibt es zwei Kategorien: das „Cloud Innovation Project of the year“ und den „Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year“.

Offizielle Beschreibung des Awards / Official description of the award:

“The Cloud Innovation Project award aims to celebrate excellence and innovation in the scope of cloud-based ‘solutions-as-a-service’. Organizations of any size, any vertical may enter.

The recognition will be given to a project where Cloud solutions are transforming the agility of the business. The achievements may be relative to cost structure optimisation of the technology investment, the agility and the flexibility in scale and/or in time to go in production with an IT project or the complexity solved and the maturity gained in best practices including availability and security. The Cloud Innovation Project will definitively go to a realization that creates value and makes impact.

A further focus is given by the Go to Market Realization and the provided functionality offered through cloud resources. Of course, the provided services need to comply with the requirements regarding data security and data privacy in relation to customers data sensitivity and compliance”

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